Why Use Kinnship?

because we need to sleep. and eat. and oh yeah, care for our baby too!

In the more recent past families have registered, and therefore, been gifted with THINGS.  SO. MANY. THINGS.  And while we need some things when we leap into parenthood (I consider my ErgoBaby carrier in the top 5 most useful items of my life) what so many parents realize when they are in the reality of newborn life, is, that although that baby wipes-warming machine is nice to have to not shock that little behind at 3 am, what they really need is HELP.  

We need help with our laundry (who knew a 7 lb babe could produce 3 loads of laundry a day?!), cleaning our house (we can’t find 3 seconds to pee and there are dishes and toilets needing scrubbing!), preparing meals (again.. pee or eat? One could wait a little bit longer and it’s not pee), and even help with our other children and pets (remember when they got all of the attention??).  

We need this help because whether you are a woman who just gave birth or someone who adopted a newborn, among other life situations, our first priority needs to be our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of our baby (or babies!!) Nourishment, sleep, healing, safety and thriving. 

In the more distant past women came together to help the new mother during the postpartum time so she could feed her baby, rest and build her reserves back.  Some cultures still do some version of this today and many of you may remember people dropping off frozen dinners when a newborn arrived! 

Generally, in the modern world, we’ve been very separated by birth- we don’t see birth often and we often don’t live near our families so they can help.  So becoming a parent brings its surprises of how tired you really can be when you are trying to do it all… 

And I swear, it’s all worth it. You just need some help!  

Kinnship allows family and friends to gift you a house cleaning, nourishing meal drop-off, a doula visit-- even if they live in a different city. 

We’ve done the work for you and streamlined the purchasing process for your loved ones. It’s that easy.  This is your Kinnship!