Our Team

We’re a team. How can we not be? Starting a business means your whole family is involved whether they want to be or not! We discuss business ideas while taking hikes,  while the other is reading a book, and at the dinner table. 

Kimberly Dowling, Founder & CEO

Kim is a mother and a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist who will always consider herself a medicine woman and at the same time finally found her true calling of entrepreneurship. She’s always been a non-conventional, out-of-the-box thinker and when she finds a problem she can’t help but try to solve it, using her gifts of intuition and getting straight to the point. She loves languages, animals and being weird. 

John Thompson, Support

John is a step-father, holds a Masters degree from Cornell University, and he knew he had an entrepreneurial spirit early on having first graduated from Babson College. He’s been creating businesses and coming up with ideas since he was a wee lad. He brings a balance of adventure and his grounded nature to Kinnship. He loves seeing new places, and never wants the same meal twice. Currently he’s working on mastering cold brew coffee and learning all he can about natural springs as a pure source of water. 

Adelaide deForest, Support

Adelaide is the high school bound daughter who is involved by default. She gives us the gift of her voice every day, entertaining us while filling her own heart! She has her own innate business inclinations, is a bottomless well of artistic talent, and is a natural innovator- in every way.  She is full of joy and compassion, and is the original inspiration for Kinnship!