Our Story

Kinnship is the product of two entrepreneurs and visionaries at heart. We solve problems and we see the larger picture-- ten steps ahead. We’re especially good at this when we have life experience with a problem. 

Kimberly, our founder and CEO, is also a mother and a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. Both of these experiences have given her a deep understanding of what was not working in our modern culture. She had an inner knowing that the stress she experienced as a new mother was unnecessary and that parenthood doesn’t have to be as hard as it often is. If we help each other. Like people once did. She knows that if a parent and newborn can thrive this sets the wheels in motion for a good start in life. 

Kimberly met John and after they got married he sparked the entrepreneur that was a little kindle of light in her, urging her to make this happen- being an entrepreneur himself. John is solid ground with practical knowledge and experience for a girl whose brain moves fast. 

Together they are bringing this vision to life so we can change the story for us all.