Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do I find which services are available in my area?

Go to "Shop", choose a category of what you're looking for and enter your address or an address near-by. This will bring up the service providers in the search proximity you choose. If you've already created a registry you can search for services within you're registry too. 

How do I know what I'd need for help and what to add to my registry?

If you've never done this before how would you know, right? We thought of this and created a Learn page (at the top of the home screen) for you to read about what may be helpful postpartum/with a newborn. Spend some time reading, learning and ask your family and friends too. Feel free to get in touch with us at Kinnship for ideas!

Can I buy a service without having a registry or buying from someone's registry?

Yes! Simply go to Shop, search services in your area, and add them to your Cart as you would any other marketplace. 

I'm a service provider. How do I sign up?

It's simple. Under the Vendors tab at the top of the home screen you'll be directed to"Sign Me Up". This will prompt you to enter your business email, name, and password to create your account. Once created you'll add the details!


What is your refund policy?

    Purchases are non-refundable, except in cases of extenuating circumstances, i.e., a technical problem with the website where Kinnship is at fault; or a problem with the credit card processing platform where Kinnship or Stripe is at fault. Monetary Refunds are only allowed within the first 24 hours after purchase and the purchaser must contact Kinnship by email at within the 24 hoursExcept for extenuating circumstances determined by Kinnship, a refund or gift card is permitted only if the Listing or Vendor Service has not been rendered or used.

    What is your Gift Card Policy?

    Kinnship Gift Cards will be issued (i) in the case of a dispute where Kinnship has resolved in favor of the Recipient and/or Purchaser, (ii) there is a problem with one item of a multiple-item sale in the initial 24-hour period after purchase (i.e., in lieu of a full refund), or (iii) in limited other cases where, in Kinnship’s sole discretion, circumstances warrant.

    A Kinnship Gift Card will be “invalid” if it has been used or if it has expired (where applicable). In states where gift card expirations are permitted the expiration date will be clearly communicated to the Recipient upon issuance, and otherwise it will be reasonably available upon request by Recipient by emailing such request to

    Kinnship Gift Cards may be verified by customer service with a name and email address associated with the gift card.

    When making a purchase using a Kinnship Gift Card, Stripe will charge a $0.50 fee when the total amount of the gift card exceeds the amount of the transaction.

    Will I receive an email from Kinnship to confirm my registration?

    Yes. You will also receive an email from Kinnship when a Listing on your registry is purchased, and when a Listing on your registry is marked "used" by the Service Provider. There may be other times when an email is sent as well. 

    What if there is a dispute with a Service Provider?

    In the event of a dispute, or if a Listing is incorrectly submitted as “used”, it is the responsibility of the Customer to contact Kinnship via email at within 24 hours to alert us of the problem or forfeit the Listing.


    How do I check what has been purchased from my account?

    Log in to your account. You will see links to "Account", "Store","Sales", and "Bank". When a Listing is purchased from a Vendor’s store this will immediately be reflected in “Sales” in the Vendor’s account. Anything purchased from the Vendor’s store will be reflected here, even if it is ultimately cancelled and/or used.

    On the Vendor’s Bank page, there is a category reflecting the total value of Listings purchased but that have not yet been rendered. The “Payouts” category reflects the total value of Listings that have been purchased and rendered.

    A Listing marked as “cancelled” by Kinnship will be unable to be marked as used by a Vendor in the case of a Refund.

    During the Payout waiting period (see Terms of Use) the Recipient can respond to Kinnship with any concerns and/or disputes. This may include, but is not limited to: the Listing was falsely marked as used by the Vendor, an immoral/unlawful event has occurred, or services were deemed to be unsatisfactory beyond reasonable expectations.

    Purchases will be immediately reflected in the Sales section on the Vendor’s account page and will remain there whether there has been a Payout, cancellation, or otherwise if an item is still waiting to be rendered.